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Relevant Networks and Initiatives

This section lists and describes the key actors concerned with producing information for food and nutrition security in emergency and development contexts. It gives an overview of the selected global and regional networks, initiatives and organizations that are relevant to FSIN.

The networks and initiatives are divided into two main categories:

  1. Selected Networks and Initiatives producing information for Food Security and Nutrition
  2. Knowledge and Advocacy Networks Sharing Information on Food Security and Nutrition

The networks and initiatives might not fall only into one category; therefore they are placed under the most relevant one. 

You can browse this section by region or free text (keyword) to find the most relevant initiative to your interest and work, or you can download the full paper.

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The Global Report on Food Crises, provides the latest estimates of severe hunger in the world and is a public good prepared collectively by 12 leading global and regional institutions [...]
Region: Global
Country: All
The fifth issue of the FAO/WFP update for the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) provides United Nations Security Council (UNSC) members with an overview of the magnitude, severity and drivers [...]
Author/Source: WFP/FAO
Region: Global
Country: All
      The burden of malnutrition across the world remains unacceptably high, and progress unacceptably slow. Malnutrition is responsible for more ill health than any other cause. Children under five years of [...]
Region: Global
Country: All
This report provides United Nations Security Council (UNSC) members with an overview of the numbers of people in acute need of emergency food, nutrition and livelihood assistance in 22 countries [...]
Author/Source: FAO and WFP
Region: Global
Country: All
An Initiative for Country and Regionally Focused Work on Resilience Measurement: Set against the backdrop of challenges that stem from pressures such as climate change, resource constraints, political conflict, and food [...]
With a strong emphasis on data preparedness, the approach helps provide a good enough snapshot to fill the initial information vacuum in the first three days after a sudden-onset disaster. [...]
Author/Source: WFP VAM
Now in its third edition, the Global Report on Food Crises, which is accepted as the reference document on latest estimates of severe hunger in the world is a public [...]
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