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Sustainable development cannot be achieved without addressing the basic human need and right: Access to adequate nutritious food. Today, one billion people across the world struggle to obtain the food they need to lead healthy and productive lives. These children and adults lack the mental and physical capacity to learn, adapt and seek better economic and livelihood opportunities. At the same time, food insecurity is inextricably linked with other social, economic and environmental challenges including excessive migration, land degradation and resource scarcity shaped by climate change, urbanisation, volatile markets and poor governance. When people fall into the” hunger trap”, they often face other social ills such as civil unrest, social insecurity or instability.

By solving hunger and malnutrition, nations will be able to increase their productivity and create economic opportunities for their citizens.

In the fight to eradicate poverty, hunger and malnutrition, it is crucial that governments and decision-makers of at-risk countries can rely on timely and accurate information on food and nutrition security. However, important gaps in data collection, storage, analysis and access have been identified and there is a clear need for strengthened monitoring and analysis of the food and nutrition security situation and for harmonization of approaches to avoid duplication of efforts. 

Experience has shown that country and regional level networks can provide information that matches decision-makers’ needs. FSIN, as a multi-partner initiative, will support the coordinated development of country and regional food and nutrition security systems to strengthen information gathering, analysis and decision making.