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How does the FSIN work?

FAO, IFPRI and WFP have collaborated to launch the FSIN initiative.

The FSIN is demand driven, because it focuses on capacity development needs identified by individuals from the Community of Practice and representatives of national and regional networks. FSIN is supported by:

  • An Advisory Board composed of selected country representatives, donors, regional institutions, academics and international agencies to provide strategic advice;

  • A Steering Committee of senior representatives from FAO, IFPRI and WFP, which oversees allocation of funding and the overall implementation of the agreed FSIN work plan; 

  • Multi-stakeholder thematic Technical Working Groups, which will be established upon members’ request to provide expert advice as required; and

  • A Joint Secretariat hosted by WFP and staffed by FAO, IFPRI and WFP experts, which supports the community of practice and ensures overall implementation of activities.