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Agricultural Information Management System (AIMS)

Agricultural Information Management System (AIMS) provides early warning, assesses vulnerabilities, monitors weather patterns and provides an integrated database for use in Food Security Planning for the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. It conducts analysis of agro-meteorological and satellite remote sensing data through crop-growing seasons to support early warning activities. It monitors environmental changes with remote sensing tools and provides reliable satellite-based food security information. SADC provides food security bulletins, agro-meteorological updates, and seasonal outlooks through its Agriculture Information Services. A Regional Early Warning System (REWS) is implemented under the AIMS and it provides advance information on food crop yields and food supplies and requirements. The information alerts Member States and stakeholders of impending food shortages/surpluses early enough for appropriate interventions. National Early Warning Units are established in all Member States to collect, analyse and disseminate early warning information at the country level.