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Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS)

Agricultural Marketing Information System (AMIS) is an open global agricultural market information system that was set up by the G20 in June 2011 to enhance international market transparency and to improve policy coordination in times of crises. The purpose of AMIS is to forecast the short-term market outlook for wheat, maize (corn), rice and soybeans in G20 countries and 8 other major food exporting and importing countries. (Hence, the majority of developing countries is not covered by AMIS.) AMIS is structured around five main pillars that are interlinked and mutually reinforcing: 1. market monitor, 2. analyses, 3.statistics, 4. capacity development and 5. outreach and policy dialogue. FSIN will support developing countries to increase their capacities in harnessing the global market information that AMIS produces, to better understand the implications of those data for their national food and nutrition security and act upon it. AMIS builds capacities on national level agricultural statistics.