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FSIN-AUC Technical Consultation

The FSIN and the African Union Commission (AUC) joined forces to hold a Technical Consultation focused on the question of whether we are effectively using the right data for food and nutrition security and resilience analysis.

The FSIN-AUC 3-day event took place from 17-19 November 2015, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It involved over 80 technical experts, practitioners and decision makers from regional and national institutions, including governments, CILSS, IGAD, IFPRI, the World Bank, FAO, WFP, the EC, USAID, NGOs, academic institutions, and the private sector. 

The rationale of the Consultation was threefold:

  1. Build on the recommendations of the 2014 Information for Meeting Africa’s Agricultural Transformation and Food Security Goals (IMAAFS) Conference, which overall expressed the need for a greater integration of information systems and recommended a set of initiatives, including to reinforce food security and nutrition information infrastructure and support sustainable collection of good quality data by strengthening national capacities;
  2. Discuss the implications that the post-2015 SDGs indicator and monitoring framework will have at country level;
  3. Contribute to the CAADP Result Framework for efficient and effective monitoring of food security and nutrition policies.

The overall objective was to launch a process for the development of a framework for action to strengthen national food security and nutrition information systems and statistical capacities to enhance evidence-based decision making and policy monitoring.

The Consultation was structured around four thematic panels, each guided by a background paper written by recognized topical experts:

1.     Food and nutrition security analysis: data availability, access and analysis

2.     Resilience analysis: data availability, access and analysis

3.     Data governance and institutional capacities

4.     Filling the gaps by exploiting innovation around data production, data collection and data sharing

Panel presentations on key issues and related feedback from panelists and participants took place on day 1 and 2; the last day, participants discussed each topic into working group sessions and provided a concrete set of recommendations accordingly. Suggested actions were identified for the FSIN, the AUC, as well as for Member States.

The Consultation report, the four topics' discussion papers and presentations, and other relevant documents are available for download on this page (related resources space).

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