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The Global Report on Food Crises 2017 is the result of a consultative process established to involve a wide range of stakeholders who bring together credible and globally accepted findings from all major risk analysis and early warning systems. All partners are in agreement with the general magnitude and severity of acute food security suggested by the GRFC. Population estimates in the report may differ from individual agencies’ estimates as they reflect a consensus-based approach.

Milestones for Global Report 2018

Technical Consultation

17-18 Oct 2017   


Data analysis and report drafting

Nov/Dec 2017   


Technical review and endorsement   

Jan 2018   


Launch and dissemination

Mar 2018   


Who is involved

Technical Committee: this group is composed by senior technical staff which defines the strategic dimension of the report. It includes:





Drafting team:
this group is composed by technical staff in charge of the preparation of the analysis then submitted for endorsement to the technical committee. It includes: