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Source: IPC website   Period from June to September 2017: In the period from June to September 2017, 51,909 people in two of the analyzed provinces are in need of urgent interventions to [...]
Region: Africa
Country: Mozambique
Source: IPC website   11% of the total rural population (71 719 669) are classified in IPC Phases 3 and 4, an increase of almost 30% of the number of people in [...]
Region: Africa
Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Sorce: IPC website   Food security situation has slightly improved compared to the same period last year.  A total of 157 localities were classified for the period of the update. Two states were [...]
Region: Africa
Country: Sudan
  Source: IPC website   Districts in emergency phase despite humanitarian actions (IPC Phase 3): Betioky, Ampanihy, Tsihombe, Beloha, Amboasary Sud; four communes in the district of Taolagnaro (Ranopiso, Analapatsy, Andranobory, Ankariera) and [...]
Region: Africa
Country: Madagascar
Source: IPC website     Food security in South Sudan has further deteriorated due to armed conflict, economic crisis, and below-average harvests that were exhausted well before the ongoing lean season. An estimated 6.0 [...]
Region: Africa
Country: South Sudan