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Resilience Measurement, Evidence and Learning Conference: 13-15 November, 2018



Path to a Resilient future: What does the evidence tell us: What do we still need to learn?

November 13-15, 2018, Jung Hotel, New Orlens, Louisiana, USA.

The purpose of the Resilience Measurement, Evidence and Learning (RMEL) Conference 2018 is twofold:

  • to accelerate resilience-strengthening progress through improved measurement, analytical strategies, and learning; and
  • to bring forward evidence about what works for enhancing the resilience of people and systems in differing contexts.

The conference will highlight state-of-the-art advancements in resilience measurement, analysis, and learning. Proceedings of this conference will be published through a variety of online and print fora.

The conference will convene: resilience measurement and research specialists; resilience monitoring, evaluation, and learning practitioners; and resilience technical advisors, programmers, and influencers. The RMEL Conference 2018 will draw on the findings, experience, and expertise of specialists from diverse sectors, disciplines, and geographies. The event will offer a forward-looking agenda for advancements and innovations in resilience measurement, evaluation, and learning, as well as identify critical themes for research and knowledge development of resilience.

The RMEL Conference 2018 will take place on November 13-14, 2018, and will be followed by an RMEL CoP convening and skills-building day on November 15.

To find out more about the schedule, registration, and to inquire about partnering with the conference, please email:


The RMEL CoP convening and skills-building day on November 15 is open to all interested conference participants, and RMEL CoP members are strongly encouraged to participate. The day will provide further opportunities to network, and to work with others to develop innovative agendas for the RMEL field. There will be opportunities to:

  • Develop an interactive map of existing resilience evidence and knowledge, and identify critical gaps for further research and evaluation.
  • Develop an overview of how the lessons and knowledge being generated through RMEL are being translated into resilience practice, and identify opportunities to strengthen the links between research, evaluation and practice.
  • Explore the application of RMEL approaches, anaylsis and evidence to help shape resilience investment and policy agendas.
  • Join one or more RMEL skills-building opportunities, provided by RMEL CoP members.


For more information on conference and on how to register, please see links and flyer below.




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