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Training on Monitoring and Evaluation in Food Security and Nutrition

26/06/2017, Nairobi

About the course

In order to achieve a world free of hunger and malnutrition, it is vital to provide sustainable solutions that provide the largest impacts on development outcomes. Monitoring and Evaluation tools and techniques plays a key role in ensuring Food Security programs are designed, implemented as plan and that they improve the well-being of the target communities. This course equips the participants with adequate skills to develop and manage robust M&E systems for effective management of FSN programs. The learner is introduced to FSN indicators, tools and techniques for M&E in FSN.

Target Participants

This course is designed for researchers, project staff, development practitioners, managers and decision makers who are responsible for project, program or organization-level M&E in Food Security and Nutrition programs.

Course duration

5 days

What you will learn

 By the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of FSN programs

  • Design a FSN project using logical framework

  • Understand Food Security and Nutrition programs specific indicators

  • Track performance indicators over the life of the project

  • Evaluate FSN programs against targets

  • Understand gender role in M&E in FSN programs

  • Conduct impact assessment of Food Security and Nutrition programs

Course Outline


Introduction to M&E

  • Definition of Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Why Monitoring and Evaluation is important

  • Key principles and concepts in M&E

  • M&E in project lifecycle

  • Complementary roles of Monitoring and Evaluation

Food Security and Nutrition M&E Frameworks

  • Food security and Nutrition Conceptual Frameworks

  • Food security and Nutrition Results Frameworks

  • Logical Framework Analysis (LFA)

  • LogFrame - Design of Food security and nutrition projects using LogFrame

Food Security and Nutrition Indicators

  • FSN indicators definition: Dietary diversity score, Food Consumption Score, Coping Strategy Index, Nutrition indicators

  • Indicator metrics

  • Linking indicators to results

  • Indicator Matrix

  • FSN indicator performance tracking

M&E System design and M&E Planning in FSN

  • Importance of an M&E Plan

  • Documenting M&E System in the M&E Plan

  • Components of an M&E Plan-Monitoring, Evaluation, Data management, Reporting

  • Using M&E Plan to implement M&E in a Project

  • M&E plan vs Performance Management Plan (PMP)

M&E Considerations for Sector Specific Programming

  • Food Security Programs: Food Availability, Seasonality, Food Access, Food Utilization

  • Health and Nutrition Programs; Selection of Indicators, sources of data, Reproductive Health

  • Integrating Cross Cutting Issues into Data Collection

Data Management for M&E in FSN

  • Different sources of M&E data

  • Qualitative data collection methods

  • Quantitative data collection methods

  • Participatory methods of data collection

Gender integration in M&E for FSN

  • Gender integration during project activities design

  • Gender indicators in Food Security and Nutrition programs

  • Cross cutting gender issues in FSN

  • Measure of gender outcomes

Evaluation of Food Security and Nutrition Programs

  • Determining evaluation points from results framework

  • Components of evaluations: implementation and process evaluations.

  • Evaluation designs- experimental, quasi-experimental and non-experimental

  • Performance evaluation process

  • Evaluation findings sharing and dissemination

Impact Assessment of Food Security and Nutrition Programs

  • Introduction to impact evaluation

  • Attribution in impact evaluation

  • Estimation of counterfactual

  • Impact evaluation methods: Double difference, Propensity score matching

M&E Results Use and Dissemination

  • Use of M&E results to improve and strengthen FSN projects

  • Use of M&E Lessons learnt and Best Practices

  • Organization knowledge champions

  • M&E reporting

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Country: Kenya
Region: Africa
Author: Devimpact Institute
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