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Applied Research Methods and Evaluation

This course offers information on conducting and evaluating research for food security. The course will examine different attempts to conceptualize and operationalize food security and insecurity at the individual, household, community and national levels; will introduce some methodological insights from social sciences useful for conducting research on food security; and will present tools for planning and managing project and program evaluation.



The course consists of 13 modules

·        Introduction to food security research

·        Research Goals and Agendas

·        Levels of Analysis in Food Security Research

·        Analyzing Individual and Household Food Security

·        Community Food Security

·        Systems Thinking

·        “Handing over the Stick:” Collaborative and Participatory Research

·        Methods and Tools for Participatory Research on Food Security

·        Analyzing food security from a sustainable livelihoods perspective

·        Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E)

·        Gender-sensitive food security research

·        Assessment of Food Security in Emergencies

The Chang School, Ryerson University