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Monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment of food and nutrition security programmes 2016 with fellowship opportunity

In this course participants will learn what an M&E system for food and nutrition security entails. Emphasis will be placed on what steps are needed within the M&E system to facilitate impact assessment. The course stresses the need for careful selection of indicators in designing information support systems. A scientific basis is used for analysis and interpretation of M&E data to be able to design strong policy on food and nutrition security. The training approach is interactive, experience- as well as evidence-based. Transfer of knowledge will go hand-in-hand with working in international groups or individually on case studies.


Audience groups include, but are not limited to:

  • Policy and planning staff at the national and sub-national level
  • Staff working at management and co-ordination level
  • Staff working in action-oriented research, advisory and teaching positions directly relevant to food and nutrition security;
  • MSc students of Wageningen University.


The training addresses the following topics:

  • What entails an M&E system for food and nutrition security and in particular what is needed to do an impact assessment;
  • Impact assessment in programme design and learning for impact;
  • Participatory approaches in assessing impact;
  • Use of different data for M&E;
  • Intepretation and communication of results of M&E.

Deadline: 25 April 2016

NFP and Mena funding available. For more information on fellowships:


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