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Linking Population and Housing Censuses with Agricultural Censuses

This course has been developed as part of the "Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics". The course is based on the Guidelines for Linking Population and Housing Censuses with Agricultural Censuses, prepared jointly by FAO and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

The aim of this course is to provide practical guidance for implementing a cost-effective census strategy by coordinating the population and housing census with the agricultural census.

This course includes a final assessment test. Successful completion of the test will allow you to print a certificate of completion.


The Target Audience of the e-learning curriculum includes population and housing census and agricultural census planners and implementers:


The course consists of 8 lessons, each of them lasting approximately 20 to 65 minutes:


  • Lesson 1 Background and context
  • Lesson 2 Concepts and definitions
  • Lesson 3 Basic Population and Housing Census (PHC)
  • Lesson 4 Extended agricultural items for inclusion in the PHC
  • Lesson 5 Approaches to integration
  • Lesson 6 Building sampling frames for the agriculture census
  • Lesson 7 Improving the efficiency of survey design
  • Lesson 8 Producing preliminary results