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South Sudan FSIN Operational Strategy for Food and Nutrition Security Information Systems’ Capacity Development

Building up on previous work (Food Security and Nutrition Information Systems Mapping and Capacity Assessment) done by the FSIN in the country in 2013, FAO, FEWS NET and WFP decided to institute a formal partnership under the FSIN framework and develop a coordinated plan of action to boost availability of data, promote harmonization of Information Systems for Food and Nutrition Security and, where applicable, related capacity development efforts for local institutions. The present joint Operational Strategy formalizes this collaboration.

The Strategy outlines two overall key objectives:

1. Improving alignment and effectiveness of individual agencies’ food security and nutrition information efforts in order to create sustainable information systems;

2. Supporting capacity development activities for local institutions involved in food security and nutrition information systems through a unified and coordinated approach.

The following key areas will be prioritized:

1. Enhance IPC analysis processes and technical quality;

2. Strengthen early warning analysis and reporting capacity;

3. Strengthen information for resilience building programming efforts.

Short-term actions will be implemented through current programmes (WFP VAM, FAO AFIS and FEWS NET) until December 2016.

South Sudan