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This course has been developed as part of the "Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics". The course is based on the Guidelines for Linking Population and Housing Censuses [...]
Author/Source: FAO, GSARS, UNFPA
The Specialisation in Food Security: Assessment and Action is an extension of the FAO's Distance Learning course in Food Security Information for Decision Making. In this Specialisation students are introduced [...]
Author/Source: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
This module investigates issues related to the provision of social protection (or in its older formulation, social security) in developing countries. Today, deprivation in developing countries remains persistent and severe [...]
Author/Source: SOAS, University of London
In this course participants will learn what an M&E system for food and nutrition security entails. Emphasis will be placed on what steps are needed within the M&E system to [...]
Author/Source: Wageningen University
The main purpose of the course is to enhance the capabilities of technical staff involved in Food Security Analysis, climate analysis and agriculture by providing them with an understanding on [...]
Author/Source: Indepth Research Services
Region: Africa
Country: Kenya
This course will explore how to bridge the gap between emergency assistance and developmental food and livelihood security support. Building resilience of livelihoods, necessary to make the position of households [...]
Author/Source: Wageningen University
This course provides guidance on how to design and implement agriculture policies and programmes that are gender-responsive, sustainable, contributing to gender equality, and therefore able to improve food and nutrition [...]
Author/Source: FAO. Partners: EU & Gender and Water Alliance (GWA)
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