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This course offers information on conducting and evaluating research for food security. The course will examine different attempts to conceptualize and operationalize food security and insecurity at the individual, household, [...]
Author/Source: The Chang School, Ryerson University
In this course participants will learn what an M&E system for food and nutrition security entails. Emphasis will be placed on what steps are needed within the M&E system to [...]
Author/Source: Wageningen University
The course is designed for self-paced learning, with no personal instruction. Instead, the latest instructional methods in e-learning are used. Links are also provided to online resources, recommended reading, self-study [...]
Author/Source: Wageningen University
This course introduces how to bridge the gap between emergency assistance and developmental food and livelihood security support. In this interactive course, participants learn to make use of theoretical and [...]
Author/Source: Wageningen University
Region: Africa
Country: Ethiopia
This course describes the purpose and features of baseline assessments and how they differ from action-oriented assessments. The course also provides guidance on selecting a baseline assessment method depending on [...]
Author/Source: FAO
The course covers basic concepts in nutrition, WFP`s food commodities and specialised nutrition products, and an orientation to WFP`s nutrition policy and programming.
Author/Source: WFP
This course introduces the concepts and tools used in food security analysis. As a starting point, it defines the concept of food security and its relationship to the concepts of [...]
Author/Source: FAO
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