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FSIN Technical Series No. 2 - A Common Analytical Model for Resilience Measurement

The Food Security Information Network supports the development and harmonization of resilience measurement methods. In this context, a resilience measurement technical working group (RM TWG) composed of renowned experts was constituted to lead the development of principles and a common analytical model for resilience measurement.

The RM TWG’s first publication is entitled Resilience Measurement Principles - Toward an Agenda for Measurement Design. It offers a definition of resilience as a capacity that ensures stressors and shocks do not have long-lasting adverse development consequences,and outlines ten key measurement design principles that describe the aims and challenges of resilience measurement.

This second paper takes a step forward by proposing a common analytical model that comprises six components upon which resilience measurement may be based. It also:

  • defines resilience capacity as a multi-dimensional, multi-level mediator of shocks and stressors;
  • identifies the points at which data should be collected;
  • highlights the need to collect data on initial states, shocks, subsequent (post-shock) states and contextual influences;
  • proposes how to construct resilience capacity measures using ten categories of indicators;
  • outlines the importance of using multiple (quantitative and qualitative) methods and both objective and subjective indicators; and
  • describes estimation models that might be used to assess the impact of resilience.

The next outputs of the TWG will be short papers which contain guidance in targeted areas of resilience measurement.

FSIN Resilience Measurement Technical Working Group
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