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CAADP Pillar III: Reducing Risks and Improving Food Security

The e-learning course has been developed to support the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) of the New Partnership for Africas Development (NEPAD), a programme of the African Union (AU). The course is based on the CAADP Pillar 3 Framework for African Food Security (FAFS). It aims to provide an overview of the CAADP process and its linkages to food security.


The target audience of this course includes professionals involved in the collection, analysis, and reporting of food security information; as well as planners, policy formulators and programme managers who are involved in meeting food security goals and targets.


The course consists of 2 lessons, of approximately 60 minutes duration each:

  • Lesson 1 CAADP and Food Security
  • Lesson 2 Food security challenges in Africa

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