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FSIN Technical Series No. 3: Household Data Sources for Measuring and Understanding Resilience

The Food Security Information Network supports the development and harmonization of resilience measurement methods. In this context a resilience measurement technical working group (RM TWG) composed of renowned experts was constituted to lead the development of principles and a common analytical model for resilience measurement.

This paper elaborates on the concepts presented in Technical Series Nos. 1 and 2 regarding the definition, principles and proposed common analytical model for resilience measurement. The paper seeks to:

1) set out some of the data requirements involved in assessing and operationalizing the concept of resilience

2) provide an overview of available data sources

3) explore how far existing data sources can be repurposed to capture information on resilience.

As an example of the type of data needed to measure and understand resilience, a new generation of surveys conducted under the Living Standards Measurement Study – Integrated Surveys on Agriculture (LSMS-ISA) initiative is highlighted. In doing so, this paper emphasizes the power of integration, both within a single multi-topic survey instrument and across data sources through georeferencing, thematic overlapping for survey-to-survey and small area estimation imputation, and ‘smart’ sampling. It concludes with a set of recommendations to improve the use of existing data and instruments so that they are better able to capture the complex multi-faceted concept of resilience worldwide.

FSIN Resilience Measurement Technical Working Group
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