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FSIN Technical Series No. 4: Qualitative Data and Subjective Indicators for Resilience Measurement

The Food Security Information Network supports the development and harmonization of resilience measurement methods. In this context a resilience measurement technical working group (RM TWG) composed of renowned experts was constituted to lead the development of principles and a common analytical model for resilience measurement.

This paper elaborates on the concepts presented in Technical Series Nos. 1 and 2 regarding the definition, principles and proposed common analytical model for resilience measurement. It argues that multiple method assessment approaches that capture perceptions, opinions, judgments and the nature of social interactions as well as the observable or easily measureable characteristics of social ecological systems are required.

The technical briefing summarizes currently used qualitative and subjective measures. It identifies that they are important, different and give insights into social factors. It also argues that methods should be combined as subjective measures are often difficult to place. 

FSIN Resilience Measurement Technical Working Group
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