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Lessons learned

This area provides a selection of the most relevant lessons learned.

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Food security and hunger eradication are among the top priorities on the international agenda today. The extent to which gender inequalities in general, and the gender gaps in agriculture in [...]
Author/Source: FAO, Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Region: Asia
Using nationally representative survey data from Bangladesh, the authors examine the relationship between women’s empowerment in agriculture and two measures of household food security: per adult equivalent calorie availability and [...]
Author/Source: IFPRI
Country: Bangladesh
This study compares the effects that different technologies have on crop yields and resource use, particularly arable area, water, and nutrients. The analysis also helps to explain how the mix [...]
Author/Source: IFPRI
As the Syrian crisis keeps impacting on the country, as well as on the whole area with a massive refugee influx, this thematic report wants to provide a starting point [...]
Author/Source: ACAPS
Country: Syria
In the last decade, Brazil gained widespread recognition around the world for its successful initiatives in fighting hunger and extreme poverty. One aspect of Brazil´s success can be attributed to [...]
Author/Source: WFP Centre of Excellence against Hunger; UNDP International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC - IG)
Country: Brazil
The debate over whether to provide food assistance and what form this assistance should take has a long history. Despite the ongoing debate, little rigorous evidence exists that compares food [...]
Author/Source: IFPRI
Country: Ecuador
This report is one of a series of five reports and papers that aims to give critical insights into key questions about what resilience means and how to achieve it [...]
Author/Source: Save the Children
Region: Global
Country: All
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