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Methods and Tools

This area features a selection of the most relevant methods, tools and indicators that are available to YOU, as a food and nutrition practitioner and/or decision maker

This guide for measuring women’s dietary diversity, recently published by FAO and FANTA III with the support of EU and USAID respectively, intends to provide detailed guidance on its use and [...]
Author/Source: FAO - FANTA III
Measuring resilience and how it varies over time is extremely important for policy makers and people living in risk-prone environments. This paper embraces the definition of resilience as “the capacity [...]
Author/Source: FAO
Region: Africa
Country: Uganda
The purpose of this Handbook on Master Sampling Frames for Agriculture is to provide guidelines for the construction and use of Master Sampling Frames (MSFs) in agricultural statistics. One of [...]
Author/Source: GSARS
These Guidelines were developed within the framework of the Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics. In particular, the publication was compiled by the Statistics Divisions of the Food [...]
Author/Source: GSARS
La note commence par un bref examen de la production, de la consommation/utilisation, du commerce et des décisions de politiques et mesures affectant le marché du produit (Partie 2). Elle [...]
Author/Source: FAO
Cette note technique mesure, analyse et interprète les incitations par les prix pour le coton au Burkina Faso pour la période 2005-2013. À cette fin, nous comparons les moyennes annuelles [...]
Author/Source: FAO
The World Food Programme’s Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping (VAM) department has released an updated tutorial that gives a general overview of the FCS-N (Food Consumption Score Nutrition Quality Analysis). The [...]
Author/Source: WFP VAM