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The adoption of climate-smart agriculture (CSA) practices at scale requires appropriate institutional and governance mechanisms to facilitate the dissemination of information and to ensure broad participation by relevant stakeholders and [...]
Author/Source: FAO
This publication is a compilation of the papers presented at a workshop of the FAO/UNEP Programme on Sustainable Food Systems held on the 10-11 September 2014 at FAO headquarters, Rome. The [...]
Author/Source: FAO
This document is designed to provide an overview of the current tools and guidelines used for ensuring a gender perspective in food security and nutrition programmes and assessments. It provides [...]
Author/Source: FSIN
Gender analysis and gender-responsive interventions are increasingly important to humanitarian and development organizations. However, gender analysis is too often neglected or does not take into account the human dimensions, which [...]
Author/Source: Paige Enfinger
This report summarizes the key activities undertaken since the last progress report, which covered achievements from January – July 2015.
Author/Source: FSIN
This High-Level Panel on Humanitarian Financing to the UN Secretary-General report has been released in anticipation of the first World Humanitarian Summit to be held in Istanbul 23 – 24 [...]
Author/Source: High Level Panel on Humanitarian Financing
The book, jointly produced by UNHCR and the World Bank examines the livelihoods of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan. It conducts a welfare analysis that can also hep hosting [...]
Author/Source: UNHCR, World Bank
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