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What is the FSIN?

The Food Security Information Network (FSIN) is a global initiative co-sponsored by FAO, WFP and IFPRI to strengthen food and nutrition security information systems for producing reliable and accurate data to guide analysis and decision-making.

FSIN serves as a neutral technical platform for exchanging expertise, knowledge and best practices, developing harmonized methods and tools, and facilitating capacity development on food and nutrition security measurement and analysis.

Key FSIN Achievements

  • FSIN global community of practice counting nearly 900 members from over 90 countries
  • Technical working group on Resilience Measurement for Food Security established and two technical papers published
  • Technical working group on Measuring Food and Nutrition Security established to advise on the use of FNS indicators
  • Review of Global Food Price Databases published
  • Capacity assessment approach implemented in South Sudan, Sudan and Yemen
  • Inventory of key food security and nutrition analysis training courses and materials shared

FSIN Quarterly Updates: January-May 2015

  • An FSIN Technical Consultation in Africa on food and nutrition security and resilience analysis data is being planned
  • Discussions are underway to formalize a common approach between FAO, FEWSNET and WFP to support country- and regional-level capacity development efforts
  • A technical working group on Harmonization of Global Food Price Datasets formed by FAO, FEWS NET, WFP and FSIN staff has begun to implement the recommendations of the Review to harmonize global market databases
  • Resilience Measurement TWG’s cluster paper authors met to review drafts of four papers


Be part of our Food Price Dataset TWG survey!

FSIN is conducting a review of global food market price databases in order to identify ways to harmonize them, promote interoperability, reduce overlaps and improve coverage.

An inter-agency TWG on Food Price Dataset was established in collaboration with FAO, WFP and FEWS NET. The TWG is developing guidelines for a harmonized market price data collection methodology. In this respect, the TWG is conducting a survey in order to take stock of existing guidelines of methodologies for price data collection in different countries.

Please contact us at if your agency collects primary food price data on a regular basis in a country and you wish to take part in completing the questionnaire.

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