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Diversifying Food and Diets - now open access


This volume explores the current state of knowledge on the role of agricultural biodiversity in improving diets, nutrition and food security. Using examples and case studies from around the globe, the book explores current strategies for improving nutrition and diets and identifies key research and implementation gaps that need to be addressed to successfully promote the better use of agricultural biodiversity for rural and urban populations and societies in transition.

The publication is from the Nutrition and Marketing Diversity Programme at Bioversity International. The editors are Jessica Fanzo, Danny Hunter, Teresa Borelli and Federico Mattei.

Support for this publication came from the UNEP/GEF funded Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition Project and the Agriculture for Nutrition and Health (A4NH) research programme of the CGIAR.

Country: All
Region: All
Author: Teresa Borelli, CoP Member
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