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Resilience Measurement Technical Working Group first meeting held in Rome

09/10/2013, Rome

As recommended by an expert consultation involving over 60 stakeholders, the Food Security Information Network (FSIN) is facilitating the improvement and harmonization of resilience measurement approaches. A Resilience Measurement Technical Working Group (RM-TWG) composed of renowned experts in the field has been established with the aim of promoting the adoption of best practice in resilience measurement through collaborative development of three primary outputs:

  • a paper on resilience measurement principles and definition of resilience;
  • a common analytical framework for resilience measurement; and
  • technical guidelines for resilience measurement.

Moreover, a community of practice dedicated to food and nutrition security resilience already counting 300 members is established to share standards, methods and lessons learned among practitioners.


The Technical Working Group had its first consultative meeting in October 2013, with the goal to provide feedback on a draft technical paper on resilience measurement principles and to agree on further work. Important outcomes were produced with this regard, including an agreement on a definition of resilience, the recognition of connections and distinctions between resilience and vulnerability, and the articulation of resilience-specific measurement principles. Initial work undertaken by five thematic “cluster” groups was also discussed and an agenda of work for the analytical framework was defined.



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Country: Italy
Author: FSIN
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