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Short Course Food Security and Social Protection

This module investigates issues related to the provision of social protection (or in its older formulation, social security) in developing countries. Today, deprivation in developing countries remains persistent and severe while individuals, households, and communities are confronted with new sources of vulnerability resulting from increased exposure to market fluctuations, financial and economic crises, environmental degradation, new epidemics and other complex emergencies.


The issues to be covered are conceptual and normative, as well as empirical and practical. Because hunger and starvation are the most acute manifestations of deprivation, the issue of food security will provide a prism through which to review and discuss the challenges, dilemmas and opportunities of building a social protection system in developing countries. Because the distribution of welfare in a society is the result of intertwined economic and political processes, we will address both the economics and politics of food security and social protection. Our focus will be on social policies that address poverty and vulnerability in rural areas.

SOAS, University of London