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Gender and Food Security Resources

This document is designed to provide an overview of the current tools and guidelines used for ensuring a gender perspective in food security and nutrition programmes and assessments. It provides selected examples of guidelines, indices, case studies, reports and e-Learning courses produced by different organizations that may be of help to those conducting food and nutrition security analysis.

As noted by the 2015 BRIDGE report listed below there is “only a limited amount of gender disaggregated data” for food security analysis. Thus, clearly more needs to be done. Many of the organizations cited here are continually updating and improving their guidelines. For example, WFP is planning to release three key documents in response to the issuance of its 2015 Gender Policy. The topic is an important and evolving research area and two Masters theses are also included at the end to showcase new ideas on the subject from early-career professionals. 

This document is a "work-in-progress" and is based on information readily available online. Therefore, if you wish to submit any additional relevant initatives or reserouces, or comment on this paper, please email the FSIN Secretariat at 

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